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Septiembre 2004. Nº 58

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Software Physicists Position for the Pierre Auger Experiment
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Software Physicists Position for the Pierre Auger Experiment

At the Institute of Nuclear Physics (IK) of the Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe, Germany, a position is open for a software oriented physicist to participate in the ongoing work on the DAQ system of the fluorescence telescopes of the Pierre Auger Observatory for the highest energy cosmic rays, currently under construction in Argentina, as well as on the analysis of experimental data.

Development of a graphical user interface for the DAQ, improvement of trigger algorithms and implementation of a SQL based online data bank are the main topics. In addition, analysis procedures on experimental and on Monte Carlo data have to be tested, improved, and applied. As most of the installation and test work will be performed at the site of the Auger experiment in Argentina several stays abroad of ~ 4 weeks each will be necessary.

Good knowledge of C++, of Linux/Unix, of hardware-oriented system software

and of process communication tools (RPC / Corba) is required. The work is performed in a strong team of physicists, students, engineers and technicians working on several hardware and software tasks inside the Auger collaboration.

The contract is limited to 3 years. Payment is according to the German BAT.

For more information please contact Dr. H. Klages: klages@ik.fzk.de

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Starting October 2004 or as soon as possible afterwards

The Chair of Hydrology and Water Resources Management, Institute of Hydromechanics and Water Resources Management, ETH Zürich, has a vacancy For

1 PhD research student within the project:

/Alpine WAter Resources: monitoring and modelling through continuous Simulation of ice and snow cover mass balance – AWAS/ The project aims at improving the detailed understanding of processes of snow accumulation and ablation that govern the variability of runoff originating from glaciated areas. The main objective of the project is the development of a continuous model of distributed snow and ice mass balance through simulation of both accumulation and ablation. The achievement of these objectives requires a detailed understanding of the processes of snow ablation and accumulation, accounting for the complexity of Alpine terrain and the complexity of radiative and turbulent energy fluxes between the snow pack and the environment. It also requires an assessment of the modelling approaches to be applied, both in well instrumented and monitored catchments and in remote areas were data are scarce and resources very limited.

The project will continue the ongoing research activity at a pilot test site on the Haut Glacier d’Arolla, Valais, Switzerland (http://www.arolla.ethz.ch/), and will focus on the development of a distributed, coupled accumulation-ablation model accounting for the complexity of the setting, such as topographical influences, albedo, surface roughness, seasonal snow cover evolution, surface temperature variations and snow properties changes.

The main task of the proposed PhD will be the development of the accumulation model, accounting for the spatial variability of precipitation and redistribution due to wind. The successful applicant will be a highly motivated person able to work and think both independently and within a research team. Position requirements are a degree in civil or environmental engineer, earth sciences, physics or related disciplines, with special interest in glaciology, meteorology and hydrology; intermediate skills in programming and numerical modelling; and good written and oral communication skills (English). Some mountaineering experience is an advantage, as there is field work involved on mountain glaciers in the Alps.

The position will be financed for three years according to standard ETH rates. ETH is an equal opportunity employer.

Applications including a full CV should be submitted to:

Dr. Javier G. Corripio
Institute of Hydromechanics and Water Resources Management – IHW
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology – ETH
Wolfgang Pauli Strasse 15
ETH - Hoenggerberg HIL G 28.1
CH - 8093 Zurich
Tel. +41 1 6334965
Fax. +41 1 6331061
email: Javier.Corripio@ethz.ch

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